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Northern Equipment is a leading provider of Public Works and Contractors, equipment in Indiana. We help municipalities and contractors fill their objectives by providing top-of-the-line equipment including sweepers, sewer, multi-purpose vehicles, snow removal equipment, leaf loaders, excavators, skid loaders, and trucks and truck bodies, specializing in used street sweepers and used parking lot sweepers.

We are dedicated to supplying top quality equipment, support, training, and parts. Northern Equipment is your premier supplier of equipment in Indiana for your city, town, highway and industrial needs.

Schwarze M6000 sweepers
Green Machine - City Cleaning Solutions

Green Machines are compact suction sweepers used throughout the world for cleaning outdoor shopping malls, pedestrian streets, sidewalks, roads and other high litter areas where larger more traditional street sweepers can't reach. Contact us to learn how the Green Machine range of sweeper machines can clean any sidewalk, parking lot, road, downtown areas and any other congested outdoor areas that you may have to clean.


Whether you're a driver, a cyclist or a pedestrian, a pothole is an equal-opportunity offender. At a moment's notice, you can find yourself without a muffler, a tire or even a dry pair of boots.

So it's good news Montreal has launched a pothole repair blitz that will see more than 400 potholes being filled this weekend, while the mild weather permits.

As the city's repair crews hit the streets, they are finding themselves in a battle of man vs. the machine.

Hot asphalt is the preferred filler material for potholes. However, hot asphalt is much more labor-intensive for city employees - unless, of course, you have a Roadpatcher.

The Roadpatcher is a 15-metre-long pothole-repairing monster.
Taken from the Montreal Gazette

Current Spray Patcher Demonstration

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Schwarze Roadpatcher

Schwarze SP-10 Spray Patcher
We are currently demonstrating the SP-10 Spray Patcher.
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